Take note if your candidate has built strong and supportive relationships in their workplaces in the past and if they value those work relationships. Get to the heart of what your candidate looks for in a new remote role. Interviewing is a two-way street; as much as you’re the interviewer, they’re also using this time to assess whether your company is right for them.

If you have the skills listed above, you are well on your way to success. Working remotely needs a different set of abilities than working in an office, but with the necessary talents, you may be able to have productive remote employment. You likely use a virtual communication tool if you do most of your work from home or even periodically travel to a home office.

What skills, activities, and accomplishments help you highlight your remote skills?

It does no one any good to type quickly if they are not typing accurately at the same time. Your work from home data entry job will require every bit as high a level of accuracy as it does efficiency. If you’re applying for a job at a company that’s looking to grow its remote capabilities, include accomplishments that demonstrate your ability to lead digital initiatives. For maximum impact, add metrics that show how effective these initiatives were in generating income or saving money. The past two years have seen a surge in work from home positions.

  • Turns out all that time you spend on Facebook or Pinterest can be used to land a job.
  • Or, if there weren’t any set in advance, at the beginning of the conversation, say something like, “It’s great to get to talk to you.
  • After you’ve learned HTML and CSS, you should move on to JavaScript.
  • Some might think that working from home and having that freedom means less productivity and more slacking off to do other things, but studies show this isn’t the case.
  • This is especially true for niche industries, like small business accounting, international tax preparation, etc.
  • This is similar to any marketing role, but focused on everything digital (which is where everything is headed now anyways!).

The things needed to work from homes on this list all involve skills that you can teach yourself using online articles, courses, and forums. And for the most part, you can learn all of these skills for free or very little money . Most data entry clerks are not required to have obtained college degrees or postsecondary schooling.

Data Science

We look for people that don’t just have certain skillsets, but who also have proven results at previous jobs. Photo by Nathana Rebouças on UnsplashIn the current world, it is surprisingly easy to start learning a new digital skill and get a remote job. There are plenty of free and paid resources online to learn and master a skill, so your ticket to learning a skill is these online resources. This includes content for their website and services, advertisement content, scripts for videos, etc.

What is the easiest computer skills to learn?

  • Skill #1. HTML.
  • Skill #2. Excel.
  • Skill #3. SQL.
  • Skill #4. GIT.
  • Skill #5. Low Code Development Platforms.

Under Holly’s guidance, The Work at Home Woman was named one of the best websites for your career by Forbes two years in a row. Holly lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband and daughter and enjoys reading, traveling, and yoga. By knowing your personality and skillsets, you’ll be able to determine if working at home is the right path for you. While some of these skills can be learned, others are more difficult to overcome. Take a personal inventory and be honest if you have the right mindset and skills to work from home.

Strong Written Communication Skills

You likely don’t have the same camaraderie, shared interests, or levels of trust. Having problem-solving solid skills shows your employer that you can handle any issue that comes your way – whether you have all the information or not. Troubleshooting and finding solutions quickly are essential for keeping your work flowing smoothly. It is crucial to keep up with the latest computer software for your job.

This way you can at least know they can appreciate basic things like timezones and long-distance communication tricks. We consider our remote candidates no different from in-office candidates. Most of our business team is in office, and most product is remote, but that isn’t a hard, fast rule for who we hire for which location. We want candidates who are positive, really motivated, self-managed, able to work with minimal supervision, and show passion about WordPress and what they do.